A New Kind of Webhosting
Small business and home webhosting packages are so complicated, don't you think? How many megathis do you want, how much megathat, it's as if the industry is trying to write a new language. Well, that's where we come in. We offer a totally new approach to small business and home webhosting.

What do you want? OK, the price is £5 per month! Obviously, if you're a large company and want an all singing, all dancing website that gets thousands of visitors per day then we're not for you. If, however, you're a small business or a home user and have an average sized html based site, with an average number of vistors per day and want an your site updated occasionally, then we could be just what you're looking for.

Our research shows that the normal small business or home user site occupies approximately 100MB of disk space and rarely uses more than 3GB of bandwidth per month. Some months you may use more, some months you may use less, we assume that it will average out over a 12 month period. If at the end of 12 months you've used slightly more than your share, then someone else will have used slightly less. So, it all balances out.

We can offer a comprehensive hosting service, we host on a state of the art server with sufficient bandwidth available for the most demanding of uses, using up to date technology and control software so that we have as much control over our hosted sites as is possible. Our server is provided by Tektonic and features the latest in virtualisation software which allows us to host multiple sites but also to completely isolate them from each other.

Our basic package is £5 per month, payable 6 monthly in advance, and includes uploading and a reasonable level of maintenance if required - things that are often charged as extras with other hosting packages. Naturally, if you prefer, you may take complete control of your own site.

This package is suitable for hosting a single domain, if you wish to host multiple domains, please contact us for a quote.

Bandwidth is worked out 6 monthly so you actually get 18GB per 6 months, if you use 17GB in the first month, that's OK as long as the next 5 don't take more than the other 1GB. Overpayment is at the rate of £1 per 1GB. You'll find, however, that we don't "nit pick". If you go over by a GB or 2, providing you don't make a habit of it, we'll undoubtedly ignore it.

If the above doesn't suit then we're obviously prepared to discuss a bespoke package with you, contact us to discuss your requirements.


Heading Level 3

Included in this hosting package:

250MB Disk Space

3GB Monthly Bandwidth

25 E-mail accounts

5 E-mail lists


E-mail forwarding and Auto responders

5 FTP accounts

5 SQL Databases

2 Sub Domains

SSH Access


Frontpage Extensions


PHP MyAdmin


File Manager

Installatron Auto Script Installer with built-in scripts Including shopping carts, chat rooms, guestbooks, blog boards, galleries.